We must counter China’s blame-shifting on the Wuhan virus

If you thought the deadly coronavirus that broke out in Wuhan, China and has afflicted and/or locked down millions of Chinese and increasingly citizens of other countries around the world actually originated in the PRC, think again.

Claudia Rosett warns at PJ Media that the Chinese Communist Party’s vast propaganda machinery is beginning to cite – and, thereby, amplify baseless “speculation” that U.S. military athletes participating in sporting events in Wuhan last October brought the disease with them.

Such blame-shifting must be vigorously countered. A good start was yesterday’s announcement that Chinese propagandists operating under journalistic cover in America will be reduced by about a third, down to an amount closer to the number of actual reporters from the U.S. allowed in China. But we better do more to prove the Chinese Communists’ responsibility both for the virus’ outbreak and its egregious mismanagement.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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