Claudia Rosett: China’s propaganda machine has spun the COVID-19 outbreak

Claudia Rosett, Foreign Affairs columnist at and author of “The Rosett Report” at PJ Media, joins Secure Freedom Radio to discuss the latest on COVID-19 and the serious shortcomings in the response we’ve made to date in countering the coronavirus in this country.

“I have been incredibly horrified and disappointed by the performance of the CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention). But let me put that in a framework. First, there was the China model, which the WHO has been praising to the sky, and that’s basically the totalitarian model. Once China finally admitted they had an epidemic killer virus on their hands, how did they deal with it? Brutally and cruelly. They disappeared bloggers who were writing about it because they didn’t like what they were saying. They also welded apartment building doors shut so families were in forced quarantines. They used armed guards to basically slam in tens of millions of people, in some cases entire cities, regardless of whether or not they had adequate facilitates or access to healthcare.”

Rosett later addresses how America should counter the corona outbreak:

“How should American deal with this? We are a free society. Our strong suit is not the China model, our strong suit is free information, enterprise, creativity, and all the things that freedom gives us that have made this country great. The problem is we also have a large regulatory apparatus and part of that is the Center for Disease Control, which has turned into a sprawling and large bureaucracy. President Trump did the right thing in January as he truly did buy this country some time by imposing a travel ban on dealings with China. That helped slow the speed, which is critical.

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