Sam Faddis: We must hold the CDC accountable

Sam Faddis, former CIA Ops Officer and author of Beyond Repair: The Decline and Fall of the CIA (2009), joins Secure Freedom Radio to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic.

“I don’t think there is any question unfortunately that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) completely fumbled issues regarding this virus early on. It is one of these situations where I think what you have is the stereotypical bureaucratic situation. The CDC recognized many, many weeks ago that they had a couple of choices. One choice was to go with existing World Health Organization (WHO) test kits. Maybe this was not their preferred choice but the tests were in existence and could have been taken off the shelves and utilized. But the CDC went the bureaucratic route. They chose to invent a brand-new test kit in the middle of the crisis and forbid anyone else from playing in the game. They directed a lot of labs in the country to stand down on efforts to develop the kits and they funneled all test results through one single lab in Atlanta. Everyone in the real world would understand this brand-new test would have all sorts of growing pains and that funneling all tests through one lab was going to be a debacle- and this is exactly what happened.

The President has stepped in and cut a lot of red tape and we are now moving with dispatch. But in the meantime, we lost time that we didn’t have in the middle of the crisis. To me, this is exactly what happens in a bureaucracy.”

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