Hold the PRC accountable for the “Chinese Virus”

Yesterday, the White House press corps asserted that it is “racist” for President Trump to say the novel coronavirus originated in China. Not only is such criticism counter-factual. It actually reinforces what must now be recognized as enemy propaganda.

After all, the Chinese Communist Party is no longer hiding its determination to supplant and, if necessary, defeat our nation as the world’s preeminent power. But the Party is doing everything it can to blame us for the deadly pandemic that originated in Wuhan and is now wreaking havoc globally.

Britain’s University of Southampton estimates that 95% of the damage done by the Chinese virus could have been avoided if the Communist Party had not wasted three weeks lying about its outbreak. Not only must Xi Jinping and Company be held responsible for such outrageous misconduct. They should be financially penalized for it.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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