Will the pandemic preclude the globalists’ world government – or just give it ‘Chinese Characteristics’?

When influential globalists met last October for their “Event 201” table-top exercise, they anticipated that a coronavirus pandemic would promote their favorite cause: one-world governance.

An early victim of the Chinese-induced pandemic, however, appears to be the prototype and chief advocate for the transnational enterprise: the European Union. Central to the EU’s efforts to diminish and ultimately destroy the identity and sovereignty of its member states was the elimination of the Union’s internal borders.

But, in response to the Chinese virus, nation after nation in Europe – including Germany, the so-called Schengen zone’s most aggressive champion – have reinstituted and closed their borders. More of them may ultimately follow Britain in exiting from Brussels’ union.

To be determined is whether Communist China – whose personnel participated in Event 201 – will succeed in translating today’s pandemic into momentum towards its preferred world government under Beijing’s dominion.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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