The CCP virus

The Chinese Communist Party is doubling down on its effort to deflect blame for the global pandemic that began in Wuhan late last year. The CCP has immense resources for planting and disseminating falsehoods like the charge that the virus actually was brought there by US Army personnel participating in military games in that city in October.

Unfortunately, China’s Communists can count on American partisans to help them amplify their propaganda. Take, for example, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman who recently dubbed the so-called COVID-19 outbreak the “Trump Pandemic.”

The Communists in China and their friends aren’t just lying about the provenance of this virus. They’re concealing its current status in China. For example, the Party insists not one member of its military has been infected. Really?

A new moniker is making the rounds: “The CCP Virus.”

Works for me.

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