Dr. Bradley Thayer: Han-centrism has been manipulated by Xi Jinping to distract from Wuhan virus malfeasance

Dr. Bradley Thayer, Professor of International Security Studies a Tallinn University, joins Secure Freedom Radio to discuss Han-centrism in the context of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Han-centrism is the belief that many of the Han, about 92 percent of China’s population, identity as being at the center of the universe, essentially recognizing with a strong ethnocentric and xenophobic belief that the rest of the world needs to adapt or be centered around what China wants and what the Han people desire. The origins of Han-centrism are deep within China’s history, it is not a modern phenomenon. It has been manipulated of course, as you have observed, by Xi Jinping and historically by the Communist Party of china. So, we see many examples of this in the present crisis with the Wuhan virus. We see the Chinese have been blaming many other countries, including the US- they claim the US army brought the virus to China or that it originated in Italy first. This is in keeping with the Han-centric belief that China does no wrong and cannot make mistakes and that any problems it face are of the responsibility of other people and nations.

Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China have been adept in playing that theme in order to distract attention from their malfeasance and intentional mistakes they made at the outbreak in November, where they actively suppressed information which could have contained this virus way earlier.”

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