Chuck DeVore: China may be ramping up their military force to prepare for a conflict with the US

Chuck DeVore, Vice President of National Initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, joins Secure Freedom radio to discuss Xi Jinping’s aggressive and hostile anti-US propaganda tactics.

“I think China’s propaganda against the US is a very troubling development- China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Geng Shuang, suggested not that long ago that the US army was responsible for the virus when it sent a delegation to Wuhan during the World Military Games last October. This is troublesome because if you claim that your main rival’s army brought the virus over on purpose, that’s an excuse for war right there.

One of the things I’m seeing based on open source information is a call for overseas Chinese to return back to the motherland by flying back to the Peoples Republic of China. I am seeing quite a bit of this. In fact, Chinese propaganda has been emphasizing that all the new cases of the virus that originated in China are imported, or from Chinese returning back to mainland China. Why is this important? Well, if something bad happens, you don’t want hundreds of thousands of your citizens to be trapped potentially in some nations you may be in active conflict with. So, that’s one rather troubling thing to see. There also seems to be an escalating series of provocations, especially in the Taiwan strait, we are seeing this with the PLA Air Force and Navy. Both are ramping up some pretty significant provocations against Taiwan. We are also seeing this with some maritime militia. There was a disturbing incident last week when there was some illegal fishing activity going on just off an island controlled by Taiwan. When the Taiwanese coastguard went out to take care of this illegal fishing activity, they were attacked by ten speedboats, some of which rammed the Taiwanese vessels causing significant damage.”

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