The CCP must pay dearly if it crushes Hong Kong’s freedom

Sen. Tom Cotton has correctly concluded that the Chinese Communist Party deliberately, consciously and malevolently allowed a lethal virus to spread worldwide. At a minimum, the CCP has fully exploited the damage done by its pandemic.

Look no further than Hong Kong – the former British colony surrendered in 1997 on the promise that its autonomy would be respected for fifty years. But the Chinese Communists are using the virus-induced lockdown to finally dispense with that commitment, suppressing the massive demonstrations that thwarted its recent efforts to impose instead what amounts to “one-country, one-system.”

Now, the CCP is preparing to put mainland troops in Hong Kong to crush what remains of freedom there. Since that is unlikely to be Beijing’s last act of aggression, we must do everything possible to deter it – and to punish the perpetrators if it nonetheless happens.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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