Former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland on the Framing of General Flynn and how Trump is dealing with China

In this special one-hour Secure Freedom Radio interview, Frank Gaffney interviews President Trump’s former Deputy National Security Adviser KT McFarland on a wide range of critical national security issues, starting with the framing of former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn and how this was part of a broad Obama administration effort to cripple the incoming Trump administration.   McFarland is the author of a new book on this subject, Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We The People.”


  • How the Trump administration has rightly focused their attention on China
  • Multiple wrongdoings in the Michael Flynn investigation


  • What was the real goal of the Mueller investigation?
  • How President Trump has challenged the Washington status quo


  • What is the Chinese Communist Party up to with respect to challenging the United States?
  • Why the US needs to disengage from China
  • How the Chinese have exploited the United States’ generosity in the past


  • Donald Trump’s three part plan for dealing with the Chinese
  • How will US presidents in the future need to act to keep the Chinese from taking over America as the world’s leading super power?