FBI legend Buck Revell: “Our law enforcement community is being torn apart”

With Oliver “Buck” Revell

OLIVER “BUCK” REVELL, President of Revell Group, Inc., Executive Vice President of Rogue DNA, Trustee of the Center for American and International Law, Chairman, Board of Directors, Middle East Research Institute, Served for five years as an officer in U.S. Marine Corps, Served 30 years as a Special Agent and Senior Executive of the FBI, Served as First Assistant Director in charge of Criminal Investigations at the FBI:

  • The ongoing protests against law enforcement in the United States
  • What is feeding the anti-police propaganda in the US?


  • Travis Yates’ article to the American people
  • A demographic breakdown of the US police force
  • Comparing the 1992 LA riots to the riots taking place today


  • How the Chinese are trying to undermine the US both economically and politically
  • Who are the founders of Black Lives Matter?


  • How Barack Obama helped legitimize the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Keith Ellison’s role in the prosecution of the police officers involved in the George Floyd incident