China: The cover-up of the greatest crime of the century

Gordon Chang, China expert and author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” joins Secure Freedom Radio to discuss his chapter in the Center for Security Policy’s groundbreaking new book, Defending Against Biothreats: What We Can Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic to Enhance U.S. Defenses Against Pandemics and Biological Weapons.

In this exclusive interview with Secure Freedom Radio, Chang examines China’s significant culpability in spreading COVID-19 at the onset of the virus in January.

“My chapter deals with China’s cover up of the coronavirus. We don’t know how this started but we do know that Xi Jinping deliberately spread this beyond China’s borders. Chinese doctors in Wuhan, the epicenter, knew that this disease was human to human transmissible no later than the second week of December. A Harvard medical school study which was released last month suggests that they may have known much earlier. But China only admitted human to human transmissibility on January 20. During those five weeks, China tried to convince the world that this virus was not human to human transmissible. 

The Chinese leaders took steps that they knew or had to know would spread the disease beyond China’s borders. We don’t know what Xi Jinping was thinking, but after having seen what the coronavirus did to cripple China, if he wanted to level the playing field by spreading the virus beyond China, he would have done exactly what he did. This is why I make the contention that China deliberately spread this disease around the world. This was a crime against humanity and this is the first time in history one nation has attacked all the others.”

Gordon Chang denounces China’s January 21 announcement to the world that coronavirus would not be a greater threat SARS, the 2002-2003 epidemic that killed 810 people worldwide. Chinese leaders, Chang explains, knew that coronavirus was far worse than SARS at this time of this announcement.

The World Health organization enabled China’s COVID-19 disinformation campaign by allowing this narrative to circulate internationally.

“There is reporting that the German intelligence agency believed that Xi Jinping, the Chinese ruler, spoke to Dr. Tedros, the Director General of the WHO, to get Tedros to hold back information about human to human transmissibility and to delay a pandemic warning. The WHO did not declare a pandemic until March. The WHO was complicit in this because at a period where they knew this was human to human transmissible, they propagated China’s false narrative that it was not. Also, the WHO helped China pressure countries not to impose those travel restrictions. So, we have a WHO which materially aided in spreading this disease. This leads to one conclusion which is that President Trump was right to defund the WHO because it was not aiding world health, but certainly spreading this pestilence.”