Ending America’s Dependency on China for Essential Medical Supplies


In this fourth of the Center for Security Policy’s five-part Biosecurity Webinar Series, Rosemary Gibson, a senior advisor at the Hastings Center and an expert in health care, health care reform, and patient safety, discusses America’s dependence on China for essential medical supplies and drugs. Interviewed by Center President and Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney, Gibson discussed why America’s dependence on China for critical drugs and medical supplies is a serious and growing security threat that must be addressed by bringing production of medicial products back to the United States. Gibson discussed how China’s control of the supply chain of medicines and medical supplies enabled Beijing to threaten to withhold medical supplies and drugs during the virus crisis in retaliation for criticism of its mishandling of the pandemic. Gibson said another reason urgent action is needed is because many of the medical supplies sent by China to other countries during the pandemic, such as protective masks, were defective.

Rosemary Gibson’s comments were based on her her chapter in the Center’s groundbreaking new book, Defending Against Biothreats: What We Can Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic to Enhance U.S. Defenses Against Pandemics and Biological Weapons, available for purchase now on Amazon.com.