Protect Jimmy Lai and today’s refuseniks

Six decades ago, millions of Americans rallied to support domestic opponents of Soviet Communism. By making these “refusniks” famous, many of whom were imprisoned in the deadly prison camps and psychiatric wards of the Gulag Archipelago, their supporters here and elsewhere in the Free World helped protect them from the worst of the Soviets’ abuses and perhaps death.

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo sought to provide similar protection to today’s refusniks – the courageous freedom-fighters in Hong Kong, now personified by media magnate Jimmy Lai. The CCP arrested him earlier this week for “colluding with foreign powers.”

Undeterred, following his release on bail, Jimmy spoke forthrightly this morning to Maria about the need for change in China, the danger posed by its Maoist dictator, Xi Jin Ping and why Western civilized values are the only basis for peace.

Stand with Jimmy and Hong Kong.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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