Trump’s latest sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party are a welcome two-fer

The Chinese Communist Party’s military is conducting live-fire exercises in strategic waters of the Western Pacific, including splashing down in the South China Sea at least one so-called “aircraft carrier-killer” ballistic missile.

Like the illegal man-made islands the CCP has created and armed there, the message is unmistakable: China is determined to control the area and its use. The implications for our national security, commerce and allies are huge.

Fortunately, the Trump administration brought new leverage to bear yesterday by sanctioning twenty-four Chinese companies involved in the PRC’s take-over of the South China Sea. The most important of these is the Chinese Communications Construction Corporation. It’s also a prime-mover behind the CCP’s efforts to build an ominous, global colonial empire.

President Trump’s latest sanctions are, therefore, a needed and welcome two-fer for America and the Free World.

This is Frank Gaffney.

About Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Frank Gaffney is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. Under Mr. Gaffney's leadership, the Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely, informed and penetrating analyses of foreign and defense policy matters. Mr. Gaffney formerly acted as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy during the Reagan Administration, following four years of service as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy. Previously, he was a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee under the chairmanship of the late Senator John Tower, and a national security legislative aide to the late Senator Henry M. Jackson.