Shutter the 31 People’s Liberation Army companies doing business here

Yesterday, the Pentagon announced that there are now thirty-one “Chinese Communist military companies” doing business inside our country. These include the Chinese Communications Construction Company the U.S. sanctioned just last week.

By law, every Chinese company operating overseas must steal technology, recruit spies, subvert its host government or otherwise serve the motherland if ordered to do so by the CCP. But those are among the main duties of the People’s Liberation Army. Why on earth are any of its front companies – let alone mainstays of China’s military industrial complex – allowed to do business here?

The answer is the same as why such companies are allowed to obtain money from U.S. investors via pension systems, indexes, A share trades, etc.: Some on Wall Street and in corporate board rooms are getting rich. The rest of us are getting hosed. This must end. Now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

About Frank Gaffney, Jr.

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