Wall Street must stop riding the tiger

The Pentagon just released an ominous assessment of Communist China’s military build-up. It warns that American investors have been underwriting this alarming and growing threat to our country.

The Defense Department says the Chinese Communist Party’s “fusion” of industrial capabilities for weapons and commercial purposes “means there is not a clear line between the PRC’s civilian and military economies, raising due diligence costs for U.S. and global entities that do not desire to contribute to the PRC’s military modernization.”

Unfortunately, some leading U.S. financiers don’t seem to care that their reckless pursuit of personal profits is enabling the danger we face from our Chinese Communist enemy. For example, best-selling author and filmmaker Peter Schweitzer has a new film called “Riding the Dragon” that documents how Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, apparently did that repeatedly.

There must be costs for funding our foes.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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