National Security Voter Guide for 2020

Ten main national security issues show stark differences between President Donald Trump (R) and former vice president Joe Biden (D) and how they would defend American interests at home and abroad.

The Center for Security Policy has created its National Security Voter Guide for the 2020 elections to help the public understand at a glance the differences between the two candidates.

The guide is simple: Small enough for a note card and portrayed with the up-or-down starkness of our time. We published our criteria in detail, topic by topic. Click on each topic below to see how we arrived at each rating.

The 10 major national security issues
  1. Support and defend the Constitution
  2. Confront violent extremism at home
  3. Make Americans safe from biothreats
  4. Restore American sovereign leadership
  5. Strengthen our national defense
  6. Defend America against Communist China
  7. Defend America against Putin’s Russia
  8. Reduce the threat of North Korea
  9. Help align the Middle East with US interests
  10. Restore the Monroe Doctrine & secure borders


Download a PDF of the 2020 National Security Voter Guide:

National Security Guide_2020