“Securing America With Frank Gaffney” TV Show Premiers with Senator Ron Johnson Interview

The Center for Security Policy is pleased to announce the premier of a new daily TV show hosted by Center Founder and Executive Chairman Frank Gaffney “Securing America With Frank Gaffney.”  This hour-long program broadcast Monday through Friday at 5 PM eastern time on AmericasVoice.news will address with expert guests national security and other vital issues to inform the electorate for this November’s elections.

The premier of this program featured Senator Ron Johnson who discussed a new Senate report on the Biden family and its serial corruption when Joe Biden was vice president.

Part 1 of Senator Johnson interview: https://americasvoice.news/video/5f723edd4f44c/

Part 2 of Johnson interview: https://americasvoice.news/video/5f723ee4a49b6/

Gaffney’s first show also had informative discussions on the threat from the Chinese Communist Party with Sam Faddis and Jeff Nyquist and on protecting the integrity of US elections with Hans Von Spakovsky.  You can watch videos of these interviews at this link: https://americasvoice.news/?s=gaffney

Tune in Monday to Friday at 5 PM Eastern time on https://americasvoice.news/ to watch more of Frank Gaffney’s crucial interviews with national security experts on how to keep our nation safe and secure.