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Situation Report: BLM-Antifa Violence in D.C.

On November 14th, Trump supporters from around the country came to the Million MAGA March. It is hard to determine the precise number of protestors, but it seems to have been hundreds of thousands, and the crowd stretched two miles from Franklin Square to the Supreme Court.

All Out DC, an Antifa group, called for other anarchists to “Defend DC” the night before. A counter protest, “F*** MAGA Rally” was organized for Saturday as well. DC Youth Liberation front also tweeted about it. Both groups were instructed to wear black.

The MAGA rally moved from Freedom Plaza to Capitol Hill along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The only alleged instances of MAGA-supporters being aggressive came from Refuse Fascism. Video shows Refuse Fascism and MAGA protestors yelling at each other. Refuse Fascism organizers later claimed that a MAGA crowd stole their signs and tore them up, but there was no video of this, although the day before, Trump supporters tore down pro-BLM signs at BLM plaza. A police officer stopped the Trump supporters from continuing. BLM activists were angry the police weren’t doing enough to protect the signs. All Out DC called for people to “protect art” on BLM plaza on Saturday.

Trump supporters vastly outnumbered any counter-protests.

At the Supreme Court, BLM-antifa confronted Trump supporters but stayed behind police. To some, it appeared Antifa was being protected by MPD in riot gear. At the Supreme Court, BLM-antifa confront Trump supporters but stayed behind police.

Around 1:00pm ET the Maryland YLF tweeted “send tactical milkshakes to DC immediately,” to which the DC YLF said “please.” Tactical milkshakes refer to some kind of substance to assault opponents.

At 3:45pm, a black bloc showed up carrying a sign “Punch MAGA in the Face.” About 15 minutes later, a Trump supporter was hit in the head by a man from the black-bloc, he fell to the ground and had blood from a cut running down his face.

After the march ended and the sun began to set, Antifa stopped hiding behind the police barricade and target families with young children and the elderly walking back to their cars.

A family with young children was targeted by BLM protestors trying to grab their flag. A BLM rioter punched a woman in the back of the head as she walked away. Antifa swarm and hit a Trump supporter’s car as they try to leave. Another family with young children (who were crying) were followed and harassed by Antifa as they tried to leave. Antifa hit and stole a young woman’s phone and pulled her hair after the march. BLM-Antifa chased down and attacked an elderly couple leaving.

People coming back from the protest along Pennsylvania Avenue would naturally walk through Lafayette Square and BLM Plaza. DMV Black Lives Matter claimed protestors cut through the space on purpose and that it was “their space” to hold down.

It is unlikely that out-of-town MAGA supporters were aware of where they were going and were just trying to get back to their cars. But MPD blocked off BLM Plaza again, so Trump supporters couldn’t cut through, and had to walk through BLM protestors and were attacked.

“The police aided and abetted the assault of these people. They knew what they were sending them into. A disgrace,” Andy McCarthy tweeted.

A young couple was followed by BLM-antifa who attempt to hit them and throw liquid on them.

Multiple Trump supporters were violently assaulted by BLM-Antifa as they tried to leave, one was brutally knocked out and they stomped his head as they walked away, after stealing the phone that fell out of his pocket. Jorge Ventura, who recorded and posted the assault, gave the footage to the police and reported all five individuals responsible for the attack were arrested.

A man wearing a Trump shirt tried to leave on a bike and was surrounded by black block, thugs pushed him to the ground, dumped liquid on him, and kicked him as he tried to get up.

BLM members attacked Trump supporters eating dinner outside, throwing fireworks and other projectiles. This happened several times. A man wearing a “press” label lit MAGA gear on fire in Freedom plaza. Antifa and BLM vandalized a black man’s MAGA merch shop.

A Trump supporter was hit by multiple water bottles, and journalists and photographers cursed at him while watching as he tried to get away. Antifa hit and beat a man walking alone with a flag they stole from him.

When faced with a massive crowd full of thousands, Antifa and BLM hid behind police. But once the march started to break up, they went after the easiest targets. The entire day was peaceful until Antifa started assaulting women and children.

The Proud Boys, who participated in the march all day without much issue, were in an all-out street brawl with Antifa around 8:00pm ET. MPD reported a stabbing of a man in his 20s, related to the protest, but didn’t release further details.

DMV BLM were angry that MPD was “protecting the proud boys and white nationalists all night.”

About Morgan Wirthlin

Morgan Wirthlin is the Chief of Staff at the Center for Security Policy. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Political Science.