Deal or No Deal: The Iran Nuclear Challenge

On December 14, the Heritage Foundation hosted an important webinar “Deal or No Deal: The Iran Nuclear Challenge” on how a Biden administration will handle the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran — specifically the danger of Biden’s reported plan to quickly rejoin the nuclear deal. Three leading experts on Iran’s nuclear program spoke at the webinar: Heritage Foundation Senior Research Fellow James Philips; David Albright, a physicist and founder and President of the Institute for Science and International Security; and Center for Security Policy President Fred Fleitz.

Phillips in his presentation gave a history of Iran’s noncompliance with the nuclear deal and the hurdles to any negotiations to improve the agreement or negotiate a follow-on pact. Albright discussed mounting evidence of Iranian noncompliance with the nuclear deal based on documents on Iran’s nuclear program stolen by Israel. Fleitz urged Biden not to rejoin the nuclear deal because it is fatally flawed, there is irrefutable evidence of Iranian cheating, and because of significant changes in the Middle East since the end of the Obama administration.

Videos of the speakers’ presentations can be found below:

About Fred Fleitz

Fred Fleitz, president of the Center for Security Policy, served in 2018 as deputy assistant to the president and to the chief of staff of the National Security Council. He previously held national-security jobs with the CIA, the DIA, the Department of State, and the House Intelligence Committee staff. Twitter @fredfleitz.