Report: Recommendations on How the United States Can Stop China from Invading Taiwan

Center for Security Policy Exclusive Analysis

China expert and Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow Stephen Bryen has released an emergency analysis of the urgent China-Taiwan security crisis.

“Any attack by China, limited or not, directly impacts regional stability and could result in a decoupling of the United States from East Asia, or worse,” Bryen writes. He also contends that neither the U.S., Taiwan nor Japan is prepared to respond other than by improvisation.

To address these growing threats to Taiwan from China, Breyen makes these urgent policy recommendations for the Biden administration:

  • The U.S. Department of Defense Must establish a Joint Military Command for the Defense of Japan and Taiwan with a mandate to organize a fully coordinated capability to respond to Chinese invasion threats.
  • Improvements in air defenses, aircraft and standoff weapons to assure the survivability of Taiwan’s air bases and U.S. and Japanese airbases and to retain a strong capability to stop any Chinese aggression.

Read the full paper below:


About Stephen Bryen

Stephen Bryen is a leading expert in security strategy and technology. He has held senior positions in the Department of Defense, on Capitol Hill and as the President of a large multinational defense and technology company. Dr. Bryen has 50 years of experience in government and industry. He has served as a senior staff director of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as the Executive Director of a grassroots political organization, as the head of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, as the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Trade Security Policy, as the founder and first director of the Defense Technology Security Administration, as the President of Finmeccanica North