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Fleitz and Glick featured in Fox News John Bolton interview

On June 22, 2020, on the day of the release of his new book, John Bolton did an exclusive interview with Bret Baier on Fox News Special Report. The Center for Security Policy played a significant part in this important interview.  At the beginning of the interview, Baier played part of Fleitz June 19 interview with Martha MacCallum in which he said it was inappropriate for a former National Security Adviser to write a tell-all book that reveals his discussions with a sitting president.

Mark Levin Defends John Bolton, Rebuffs Hysteria Over Trump Iran Policy

“Iran is looking to create war throughout the Middle East. Iran is looking to take over Iraq. Iran is looking to take over Yemen. Iran is looking to take over parts of Syria. Iran is backing Hezbollah, its terrorist, militant arm, among other terrorist organizations. And Iran is looking to build nuclear warheads and to put them on ICBMs. Iran is looking to go to war with, among others, Israel. So, Iran is a very, very dangerous country. It is run by Islamo-Nazis in Tehran.”