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Chairman of the Board

E. Miles Prentice III 
Partner, Eaton & Van Winkle, LLP
BA, Washington & Jefferson College; JD, University of Michigan


Bruce J. Brotman, J.D.
Executive Vice President of Strategy, TecSec
BA, Farleigh Dickinson University; JD, University of Miami School of Law

Nina Cunningham, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Quidlibet Research, Inc.

James T. deGraffenreid  
President, EEI Communications
Previously COO, U.S. Naval Institute and COO, Phillips Business Publishing

Kenneth J. Dragotta, P.E.
Systems Engineering & Automation Corp.

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.  
President, Center for Security Policy
BS, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service; MA, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Lt. Col. Marlin L. Hefti, USMC (Ret.) 
Chairman of the Hefti Group
BA, University of Iowa; MPA, University of Southern California

Andrew W. Miller, Jr.
Chairman, Miller Holdings, LLC.
BA, Belmont University; MBA, Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Business Management

Dr. Dominic J. Monetta  
President, Resource Alternatives, Inc.
BS, Manhattan College; MS, The George Washington University; PhD, Univ of Southern California

Ebrahim Moussazadeh 
President, Matrix Corporation and Evvtex Corporation
Member Board of Trustees, Hudson Institute and Texas Lutheran University

Dr. Jack London
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board, CACI
BS, U.S. Naval Academy; MS, Naval Postgraduate School; PhD, The George Washington University

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