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The Center for Security Policy awarded yesterday its Mightier Pen Award to independent journalist Claudia Rosett… As attendees dined in Midtown over baked salmon and lemon artichoke puree, the Center for Security Policy founder and president Frank Gaffney Jr. introduced the awardee, saying she had traveled the world over and gotten into the places to find the truth where it is not easily found.

The New York Sun

Mightier Pen Award

In a master’s hand the pen is, in fact, demonstrably mightier than the sword. Furthermore, taking up the pen is often a necessary precondition for realizing the strength of our nation, for American cannot be strong if the debate on national security issues is not incisive and informed.

The ‘Mightier Pen’ Award was launched in 2001 in recognition of individuals who have, through their published writings, contributed to the public’s appreciation of the need for robust U.S. national security policies and military strength as an indispensable ingredient in promoting international peace.

The award — an engraved silver pen — is presented to the recipient at an elegant luncheon held in New York City. The event is attended by the Center’s National Security Advisory Council, friends, sponsors and members of the media. Event attendance is by invitation only.

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