The continent of Asia is developing economically at a rapid rate, but fundamental freedoms and democracy remain elusive for much of the region. Immediate and long-term security threats are also of the utmost concern. From an increasingly assertive China, to the potential for conflict between Islamabad and New Delhi, the region is the most likely location of a major powers conflict if one were to erupt in the 21st Century.

The Center’s Asia Project will seek to provide information and analysis on the state of freedom, democracy, and American interests in Asia as the continent’s 21st Century promises to be just as influential in world events as was its predecessor. Therefore, as Asia develops as a global economic epicenter or collides in a series of intercontinental conflicts, the United States must remain in position to help steer events towards a democratic Asia that is responsive to American interests. This will be accomplished by strong leadership, effective diplomacy, and, as always, securing peace through American strength.