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Frank Gaffney’s OpEds

CSP-web-icon_decision-bThe Center regularly publishes national security policy papers by Frank Gaffney on issues that require near term action.  These decision briefs are then sent directly to policy makers, coallitions, and the media for immediate action. Mr. Gaffney’s weekly column is printed in The Washington Times on Tuesdays, and is also available at, Jewish World Review, and other websites.


CSP-web-icon_articleSeveral times per week, the Center issues produces or reprints articles to inform and enliven the debate on issues vital to our national security. Regular contributors include Center experts Caroline Glick, Adm. ‘Ace’ Lyons and others. In addition, The Americas Report, published weekly, it features in-depth, original commentary on Latin America.

Press Releases

CSP-web-icon_press-releaseWhile most of the Center’s work is done behind the scenes, it does from time to time issue press releases on significant accomplishments, noteworthy events, or to set the record straight as a matter of public record.

Occasional Papers

CSP-web-icon_occasional-papersThe Center’s Occasional Paper series is envisaged as an instrument for quick publication and dissemination of original previously unpublished in English research by CSP research staff and associates and the national security research and policy community beyond that. Preference is given to topics relevant to the national security of the United States and broadly congruent with CSP’s research agenda and its “peace through strength” guiding motto. In particular, we’re interested in contributions in the areas of Islamic extremism and the war on terror, homeland security, space and missile defense, Asian and hemispheric security issues and the broad subject of unconventional warfare with emphasis on political and information warfare and the “war of ideas.” The opinions expressed in the Occasional Papers are solely those of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for Security Policy.


CSP-web-icon_booksAbout the CSP Press.


CSP-web-icon_transcriptMany of the events the Center holds are confidential or off-the-record. Transcripts of events that are open to the media or general public include recent unclassified Center congressional testimony, press conferences, speeches, and meeting minutes.

Congressional Scorecards

CSP-web-icon_congressional-scorecardThe Center has been producing National Security Scorecards since 1994 to illuminate the voting records of members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives on important defense and foreign policy issues. For each congressional session we select votes on the basis of their significance to the vital security policy interests of the United States. We, moreover, select votes that offer real insights into the attitude of the legislators casting them concerning the critical national security issues of the day. Such considerations prompt us generally to exclude near-unanimous votes in favor of non-controversial or hortatory resolutions, or votes on final passage of each chambers’ annual defense spending bills or their conference reports.


CSP-web-icon_eventsThe Center sponsors a number of events throughout the year, ranging from our annual ‘Keeper of the Flame’ Award Dinner to our High-Level Roundtable Discussions and Symposia. Each of these events uniquely stimulates and contributes to the flow of information between the various elements of the security policy community. The Center hosts and co-sponosors a number of events and meetings on an as needed basis to stimulate the flow of information between the various elements of the national security policy community. Our high-level roundtable discussions and symposia permit informal, off-the-record exchanges between key members of the executive and legislative branches, industry representatives and members of the Center’s staff and National Security Advisory Council.  We also hold press conferences thoughout the year to inform the media and general public as to our policy findings or to highlight national security issues that require near-term action.


CSP-web-icon_videoCSP-TV includes media clips featuring Center experts or forthcoming original programming.

Secure Freedom Radio Podcasts

CSP-web-icon_podcastCSP-TV includes media clips featuring Center experts or forthcoming original programming.