Board of Regents

The Center for Security Policy’s closest and most active supporters make up the National Board of Regents. They share the conviction that the United States must remain a military, economic, political and strategic power and they provide the financial support that allows the Center to conduct projects and programs focused on keeping America safe and strong.

Members facilitate interactions between the Center and related business and community leaders. They participate in regularly schedule Regents Roundtable and other national security advisory meetings that allow Members to personally impact the Center’s policy decisions.


Provides or raises critical financial support

Board of Regents’ annual memberships, event sponsorships, and other fundraising efforts provide the Center with almost a quarter of its general operation funds.

Acts as a force-multiplier

Board of Regents members use their network to spread the Center’s message to those who have the power to make a difference, such as local and national political figures, businesses, community leaders and the media

The board of Regents is vital to the Center’s ability to deliver on its promise of “Peace through strength” – not just in the world of ideas but in taking action that makes our nation safer in an increasingly perilous world.

~Barbara Winston, Founding Member of the Board of Regents and Recipient of the Terry Elkes Sacred Honor Award

If you would like to join the Center for Security Policy’s Board of Regents, please print and fill out our Board of Regents membership form and remit to the Center.


Click the button below to join now at your preferred level of membership:

National Board of Regents Membership Levels

For more information about membership levels and ways to give, please contact our development department at***


  • Invitations to national security briefings on Capitol Hill or our DC headquarters
  • An opportunity to introduce dignitaries at events
  • Photo opportunities with dignitaries
  • Plus all benefits listed below


  • Invitations to nationwide Board of Regents events with the opportunity to bring one (1) guest to each meeting
  • Invitation to National Defense Initiative dinners, featuring prominent national security policy advisors
  • One complimentary ticket to CSP Gala functions
  • Plus all benefits listed below

INNER CIRCLE ($10,000)

  • VIP seating at all CSP functions
  • Plus all benefits listed below


  • Invitation to regional events featuring private insider briefings with CSP Policy experts
  • Complimentary copies of each CSP Press publication produced during membership period
  • Plus all benefits listed below

REGENT MEMBER ($1,250) (Half price for members 40 years and under)

  • Membership in the Board of Regents, allowing participation at exclusive local Board of Regents roundtable meetings held in major US cities and featuring CSP staff and other leading experts from around the country
  • Plus all benefits listed below


  • Invitation to CSP’s quarterly Board of Regents Speaker Series conference call featuring prominent national security experts
  • Invitation to CSP Gala events in Washington D.C. and other select cities
  • Plus all benefits listed below

PATRIOT ($250)

  • Our Annual Report
  • The Secure Freedom Newsletter (via mail)
  • Plus all benefits listed below


  • The Secure Freedom Newsletter

For more information on the Board of Regents or the Center for Security Policy, please call the Center’s development office at 202-719-2415.