Situation Reports

Situation Report – After 20 years in power, Putin makes himself president-for-life

On July 4th, new amendments to the Russian constitution came into effect, allowing President Vladimir Putin to remain in office until 2036, making him the longest reigning Kremlin leader since Stalin. Additional amendments banned same-sex marriage, stress the superiority of Russian law over international law, grant prosecutorial immunity to former presidents, and add a reference in the constitution to God.

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Situation Report – Sunday rocket attack targets Baghdad’s Green Zone

On Sunday, July 5, the Iraqi military confirmed that a rocket targeting Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, home to the US Embassy, damaged a nearby home and injured a child. The rocket was launched from the Ali al-Saleh region of Baghdad late Saturday evening. The military said it was able to prevent a second attack and “seized a Katyusha rocket and launcher” that were aimed at the Taji base north of Baghdad, where US troops are also positioned.

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