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MARSOC-7 Officially Exonerated

With Gordon Chang, Major Fred Galvin (Ret.), Mike Gonzalez and Russ Dallen

GORDON CHANG, Forbes.com Columnist, World Affairs Journal Blogger, the Daily Beast Contributor, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown; North Korea Takes on the World:”

  • Are the Olympics a breakthrough for North Korea?
  • Vice President Pence in Pyeongchang
  • Consequences of Beijing-North Korea collaboration

MAJOR FRED GALVIN (Ret.) USMC, Executive Director of Heroes United:

  • The MARSOC-7 story
  • USMC officially exonerates MARSOC-7
  • How to help affected individuals
  • Visit heroesunited.net to help

MIKE GONZALEZ, Senior Fellow at the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at the Heritage Foundation, Speechwriter for the State Department’s European Bureau during the Bush administration, Spent nearly 20 years as a journalist:

  • Identity politics and the 2020 Census
  • New Polish law prohibiting certain speech
  • Freedom of speech in Europe

RUSS DALLEN, President & Editor in Chief at the Latin American Herald Tribune, Head of the international investment bank, Caracas Capital Markets, Served as President of Venezuela’s “The Daily Journal”:

  • Persecuted Christians in Venezuela and Cuba
  • Refugee influx in Columbia and Brazil
  • Secretary Tillerson calls for tougher action against Venezuela

Exonerate the MARSOC 7

With Major Fred Galvin (Ret.)

Please sign the petition asking Congress to exonerate the MARSOC 7 and contact your representative today, and tell them to support House Resolution 21.

MAJOR FRED GALVIN (Ret.) USMC, Executive Director of Heroes United:

  • The creation of MARSOC
  • Fox Company ambush in Bati Kot on March 4th, 2007


  • False media reports after the Bati Kot ambush alleging Afghan civilian deaths


  • The expulsion of MARSOC from Afghanistan
  • How Fox Company was completely betrayed by their own command
  • Continued slander from General Nicholson and Lt. Gen Kearney


  • Why U.S. payment to Afghan civilians for their family members’ deaths is problematic
  • How the ‘Heart and Mind’ strategy has been detrimental to U.S. foot soldiers for 16 years


  • Consequences of current rules of engagement
  • Viable options for Afghanistan