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Memo War Continues

With J. Christian Adams, Daniel Gallington, Kevin Freeman and Itamar Marcus

J. CHRISTIAN ADAMS, Election Lawyer Served in the Voting Rights Section at the U.S. Department of Justice, Author of “Injustice: Exposing the Radical Agenda of the Obama Justice Department,” Columnist at PJ Media:

  • Current state of the memo wars
  • The Anglo-American system of decentralizing law
  • Why the left highlights racism and white-supremacy

DANIEL GALLINGTON, Senior Policy and Program Advisor at the George C. Marshall Institute, Served in senior national security policy positions in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Department of Justice and as bipartisan counsel for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence:

  • The role of the FISA court
  • Why is Trump holding onto the Democratic rebuttal memo?
  • Physical barrier in House Intel. Committee?
  • The Nuclear Posture Review

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at Center for Security Policy, Author of “Game Plan: How to Protect Yourself from the Coming Cyber-Economic Attack,” Author of “Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It Can Happen Again,” Founder of Globaleconomiwarfare.com:

  • Volatility of the stock market
  • U.S. vulnerability to economic attacks
  • Will China use our debt as a weapon?

ITAMAR MARCUS, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • Recent events on Syrian-Israel border
  • Why the Palestinian Authority is a terrorist organization
  • The growing threat from Iran

Muller’s Investigators’ Conflicts of Interest

With Dr. Peter Pry, Diana West, Rosemary Jenks and Itamar Marcus

DR. PETER PRY, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, Director of the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, Served on the Congressional EMP Commission, the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA:

  • We face an EMP threat from Pyongyang
  • Russian- North Korea proliferation collaboration
  • Why a military solution is necessary at this point in time
  • How Rex Tillerson is teaching Kim Jong that nuclear blackmail works

DIANA WEST, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Blogs at Dianawest.net, Author of “Death of the Grown Up” and “American Betrayal”:

  • How the Mueller investigation has been compromised from the start
  • The unraveling of Western civilization in Europe
  • How Sharia supremacism extinguishes other cultures

ROSEMARY JENKS, Director of Government Relations at NumbersUSA.com, Former Senior Legislative Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies:

  • Consequences of proposed amnesty plan
  • Why border security is essential for enforcement of law
  • Debate over merit-based immigration

ITAMAR MARCUS, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • Is President Trump Balfour 2.0?
  • The Palestinians’ falsification of history
  • PA’s Abbas incites violence through media
  • Vice President Pence’s upcoming trip to Israel

Challenges Mike Pompeo Faces

With Bill Gertz, Reggie Littlejohn, Itamar Marcus and Jarrett Stepman

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon, Inside the Ring Columnist at the Washington Times:

  • Challenges CIA Director Mike Pompeo faces
  • The need to boost the counter-intelligence department
  • Redirected focus on Chinese threat
  • Will Congress shut down specific intelligence capabilities?

REGGIE LITTLEJOHN, Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers:

  • The fight to free Liu Xia
  • Rising nationalism in China under Xi-Jinping
  • How the Chinese government treats their citizens

ITAMAR MARCUS, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • Conflict over Temple Mount
  • Netanyahu’s response to Palestinian protest
  • Taylor Force Act

JARRETT STEPMAN, Editor at the Daily Signal:

  • President Trump’s unhappiness with Attorney General Jeff Sessions
  • France: the new battleground for Western Civilization
  • Did Donald Trump Jr. commit treason?

22 Killed, 59 Injured in Manchester Arena Bombing

With Robert Spencer, Claudia Rosett, Itamar Marcus and Kevin Freeman

ROBERT SPENCER, Director of Jihad Watch, Columnist for PJ Media and Front Page Magazine:

  • Suicide bombing at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester
  • President Trump’s speech in Riyadh
  • Islamist definitions of justice, peace and terrorism
  • Should the Muslim Brotherhood be a designated terrorist organization?

CLAUDIA ROSETT, Foreign Affairs columnist at Forbes.com, blogs at “The Rosett Report at PJ Media”:

  • President Trump’s attempts to organize Sunni allies against Iran
  • Growing nuclear threats around the world
  • Possible link in Iranian and North Korean nuclear arm programs
  • Origins of the ransomware attacks and UN response

ITAMAR MARCUS, Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • Mahmoud Abbas’ so-called ‘culture of peace’
  • The difficulties of negotiating with Palestinian leaders

KEVIN FREEMAN, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Host of Economic War Room on the Blaze TV:

  • Concerns about new investments in US infrastructure by Saudi Arabia
  • Possible Chinese cyber attacks against US economic assets
  • North Korea cyber warfare capabilities

McCabe’s ‘Political Problems’

With Fred Fleitz, Daniel Horowitz, Andrew Arthur, Michel Gurfinkiel and Itamar Marcus

FRED FLEITZ, former CIA analyst, Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs at the Center for Security Policy:

  • Why did Trump choose now to fire FBI Director James Comey?
  • Morale at the FBI
  • Concerns about acting Director McCabe

DANIEL HOROWITZ, Senior Editor at Conservative Review:

  • The FBI’s role in the counter-jihad
  • Legislative and Executive authority outsourced to the Judiciary branch

ANDREW ARTHUR, Resident Fellow in Law and Policy for the Center for Immigration Studies:

  • Legal and Constitutional authority behind Trump’s immigration order
  • Fraud in the “Credible Fear” process

MICHEL GURFINKIEL, Founder and President of Jean-Jacques Rousseau Institute:

  • French President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s appeal to conservative Republicans
  • Macron’s positions on Europe Union and Islamism

ITAMAR MARCUS, Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • President Trump’s focus on Palestinian incitement
  • Abbas’ claim that he is raising children toward peace
  • Trump’s approach to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal

Protecting Obama’s Presidential Legacy

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With Dr. Monica Crowley, Arie Egozi, Itamar Marcus, Bill Gertz, Richard Pollock

Dr. MONICA CROWLEY, Editor at the Washington Times and the Host of the Monica Crowley Show:

  • Vladimir Putin’s motives behind intervention in Syria
  • President Obama’s shift in strategy in Afghanistan
  • Ongoing war on law enforcement in the United States

ARIE EGOZI, Editor-in-Chief of Israel Homeland Security:

  • Palestinian Authority’s incitement of violence in Israel
  • Israeli sentiment regarding Arab’s calls for sovereignty in Jerusalem
  • Responsibility of the Palestinian Authority to end the Intifada

ITAMAR MARCUS, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch:

  • Palestinian incitement against Israel as an intense indoctrination of hatred
  • Cycle of violence used as a political tool by Mahmoud Abbas
  • How the international community perpetuates unrest in Gaza and the West Bank
  • Secretary of State John Kerry’s upcoming visit to the region

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor at the Washington Free Beacon:

  • U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission draft report on the Chinese regional nuclear force and space/counter-space weaponry
  • Accusations of Huawei telecommunications gear, a Chinese company, being used by the US government
  • Vulnerability of US weapon and defense systems to cyber attacks
  • Is Russia truly following the new START treaty despite its strategic forces buildup?

RICHARD POLLOCK, Senior Investigative Reporter at the Daily Caller:

  • Doctors Without Borders hospital attacked by U.S. forces in Kunduz, Afghanistan because of failure to identify?
  • Hillary Clinton’s insecurity culture at the Department of State and how it relates to classified emails on her private server

Israelis and Palestinians Die for Hamas’ Public Relations Campaign

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With Itamar Marcus, Gordon Chang, Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, Claudia Rosett

Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch Itamar Marcus explores the reasons behind the conflict between Israel and Hamas, citing it as a desperate attempt by Hamas to win back popularity in the Gaza Strip.

On today’s show:

ITAMAR MARCUS, Founder and Director of Palestinian Media Watch:
  • Differences between Hamas’ long-term ideological goals and short-term political goals in the conflict with Israel
  • Fatah’s masking of its anti-Semitic sentiments from the non-Arabic speaking world
GORDON CHANG, author of “The Coming Collapse of China”:
  • Assessing the potential for instability as a result of China’s “anti-corruption” campaign
  • Resistance in China towards the internal leadership of the Communist Party
  • The US Navy’s displeasure with China for sending an intelligence ship to watch the RIMPAC exercises
Dr. JAIME SUCHLICKI, Director of the University of Miami’s Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies:
  • Putin’s motives for strengthening Russian-Cuban ties, and that relationship’s possible impact on tensions between Russia and the United States
  • Concerns that a satellite tracking station in Cuba will be a front for Russian eavesdropping operations
  • Potential next steps for Putin’s expansion of Russian influence further into Latin America
  • The US’s possible isolation in Latin America in contrast with countries like Russia finding new avenues of trade and building new relationships in the region
CLAUDIA ROSETT, Journalist In Residence at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies:
  • Mystery surrounding a North Korean cargo ship that entered the Gulf of Mexico, turned off its transponder for nine days, and is now run-aground off the coast of Mexico
  • Potential Russian involvement in the downing of airliner Malaysian MH-17
  • Extension of the Iranian nuclear negotiations past the July 20th deadline