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Venezuelan Assassination Attempt

On Saturday, August 6th, explosive-laden drones attempted to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at a military parade. Government sources have alleged that opposition leaders have conspired with individuals in Miami and Bogota, though they did not offer any specific evidence to support this claim. The attack comes in the wake of an economic and humanitarian crisis which has caused Maduro to become increasingly isolated from other foreign nations. In the aftermath of the attack, the Venezuelan government has arrested six people suspected of attempting to assassinate President Nicolas Maduro.

Interior Minister Nester Reverol said that the assailants flew two drones packed with C-4 plastic explosives toward Maduro, his wife, and other top leaders that were attending a military event marking the 81st anniversary of Venezuela’s National Guard.

With President Maduro suggesting that individuals in Miami were behind the assassination attempt, it prompted senior White House officials to deny any United States involvement in the attack. National Security Advisor John Bolton said, “I can say unequivocally there is no U.S. government involvement in this at all”. Maduro has also made the claim that this was an attempt by the far right to assassinate him, and that he will continue to steer Venezuela on a democratic, independent, socialist path, following in the footsteps of the Chavez revolution.

Maduro often blames the United States for the attempts on his life. The United States currently has sanctions against the Venezuelan government and has sanctioned him under the Office of Foreign Assets Control since July of 2017.

President Maduro has served since 2013 when he took over for former president Hugo Chavez. He was a close ally of the late Chavez, serving as his foreign minister and his vice president. He won a six year term in office shortly after the death of Hugo Chavez and went on to win second six-year term, despite his rival’s disavowing of the elections and alleging massive irregularities.

Maduro has held many events with the military, and he clings to their loyalty while the nation continues to struggle with crippling inflation and shortages of food, medicine and other basic needs. The attack does not appear to be staged by Maduro’s government to gain political power and he will most likely use this latest episode to remove the political rivals that he claims were behind the attacks.

Yahoo News takes notice of prescient North Korea book by Fred Fleitz published by CSP in March

Yahoo News reported on an important Center publication in a post on Wednesday, June 6.  Entitled “The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare: What Trump Must Do to Reverse Obama’s “Strategic Patience,” it was released on the eve of the initial announcement that a Trump/Kim summit was in the offing.

Commenting on the importance of Fleitz’s book, Yahoo notes:

While different officials and ideas rapidly fall in and out of favor in the White House, Fleitz’s book sheds light on what exactly Bolton and his allies could be pushing for on one of the most crucial foreign policy issues facing the Trump administration.

The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare was published by Center for Security Policy Press. Links to a free PDF, paperback, Amazon kindle and Facebook live-stream video of the book’s launch event can be found here.


Bolton Calls Former Aide to NSC to Help Drain the Swamp

Originally posted on Frontpage Mag

National Security Advisor John Bolton, a Baltimorean who is no stranger to political street fights, has brought on board as his chief of staff former FoxNews political analyst Fred Fletiz.

No sooner had the announcement hit the wires, than the pit bulls of the Left went on the attack.

New York magazine called him, an “anti-Muslim wingnut.” The Council on American Islamic Relations, which has been identified in federal court documents as the U.S. branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, demanded his immediate removal. The Southern Poverty Law Center, itself identified as a hate group for its vilification of anything conservative, fumed that his appointment was “alarming” and identified him as the Vice-president of an “anti-Muslim hate group,” a referenced to the Center for Security Policy, which the SPLC has long vilified for its work to expose the advocates of Sharia law in America.

So much vitriol, so quickly, should tip us off. Why are these harridans of the Left so hysterical over the appointment of a man well-known to FoxNews viewers for his measured and well-informed views?

Simple. Because Fred Fleitz understands the bureaucracy. He knows where the bodies are buried. And he knows how the Deep State operates.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Fred for nearly fifteen years. When John Bolton was serving as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, Fleitz was detailed to his office from the CIA, where he had long served as an analyst specializing in weapons of mass destruction.

As I wrote in Shadow Warriors: Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender (Crown Forum, 2007), Fleitz helped unmask a disgraceful effort by partisan staffers at the State Department’s Intelligence and Research to feed Bolton false intelligence on a little-known biological weapons program in Castro’s Cuba.

Leading this effort was a certain Christian Westermann, whom Fletiz unmasked as promoting pro-Castro intelligence analysis fed into the system by Ana Belen Montes, a convicted Cuban spy.

Westermann famously accused Bolton of “waging his finger at me” during an office confrontation over the bogus intelligence, a crime so heinous that then-Senator Joe Biden felt it was enough to torpedo Bolton’s nomination to become the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Fletiz also played a key role during the 2005-2006 negotiations between the Bush State Department and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that ultimately led to United Nations Security Council resolutions condemning Iran for violating its commitment under the Treaty for the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Later, while on staff with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Fleitz co-authored a report exposing the flaws of the infamous 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran’s Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities.

The NIE speciously asserted that information the CIA received from a recent defector caused it to re-evaluate its long-standing conclusion that Iran had an active program to develop nuclear weapons and instead to assert that Iran had shut down that program in 2003.

That information was so highly classified that no one outside of the intelligence community could verify it. But as I discovered from Iranian sources, the defector cited in the report, Gen.  Ali Reza Asghari, actually told the CIA exactly the opposite from what the CIA asserted in the NIE.

While the HPSCI report did not examine the classified sources, it ripped apart the NIE’s unclassified conclusions and ultimately led the CIA to redo the assessment. Based on Fletiz’s analysis, then House intelligence committee chairman Pete Hoekstra called the 2007 NIE “a political document” whose aim was “to embarrass President Bush.”

John Bolton is right to call on Fred Fleitz to help President Trump defeat the Deep State. This cabal of anti-Trump operatives, still alive and well in the bowels of our intelligence agencies and yes, even in the White House bureaucracy itself, needs to be ripped out root and branch.

President Trump has vowed repeatedly to drain the swamp. Now he has another skilled hand to help him succeed.

Fleitz Appointment a Savvy Move by Trump, Bolton

Originally posted on Newsmax

I was elated to hear Fred Fleitz just accepted the position of National Security Council chief-of-staff and executive secretary under White House National Security Advisor John Bolton. Americans should be grateful. The appointment is a huge score for enhancing our national security.

We’re all benefactors from President Trump’s and Mr. Bolton’s wisdom. Hosting a news radio show in Alaska can be intriguing, and also challenging at times, securing thoughtful guests that actually understand our northern issues and the nexus with the country as a whole.

Our state’s Arctic policy, military, and resource development issues affect the entire nation, not just the Last Frontier. It was through this venue I connected with Fred Fleitz, who became a regular and appreciated guest.

I’ve interviewed national leaders and pundits from across the spectrum. They can be engaging whether an Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, or former Gov. Sarah Palin. Of all my guests, Fleitz has been one of the most effective in educating and explaining to listeners his rational on foreign relations and security policy.

I’ve interviewed him over 20 times. As a result, many listeners have come to appreciate government, policy development, and the evolution of sound national-security policy that may have otherwise seemed esoteric.

Fleitz hasn’t forgotten Alaska, or its defensive and resource-rich value to the United States. His analysis and ability to tether military operations, or communications and transportation, to operational logistics involving North Korea and the Middle East has helped shed light on President Obama’s obfuscated policies.

Fleitz has taken a balanced approach on U.S. State Department issues, drawing from his experience with the Central Intelligence Agency as a senior analyst, at the State Department as Bolton’s former chief-of-staff, and with the House Intelligence Committee. The Fleitz appointment feels like a commercial plane ride with a seasoned pilot, or surgery with a reliable veteran surgeon, where you’re relieved from anxiety because of the expertise at the helm. America is in good hands.

When it comes to federal bureaucracy, I can attest to the perception from the public. For many of my listeners in Alaska, there is a deep, growing lack of trust. There is also disappointment.

Morale and inspiration have waned under past presidential administrations that elevated ego and power above service to Americans. From Obamacare to Middle East and European obligations, my listeners consistently convey a feeling of abandonment by national leaders.

Enter selfless advocates like Fred Fleitz and John Bolton, and suddenly a smidgen of hope is sprinkled on disillusionment. These guys have a backbone. Fleitz has taken a principled position on the Iran Nuclear program, siding with Bolton against the majority of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, arguing that the U.S. had to pull out of the fraudulent deal.

Fleitz took this stance even when other conservative advocacies knee-buckled and said stay in the horrific deal. He has been consistent on pulling out of the deal because it literally affords advancement of Iran’s nuclear program.

North Korea is no different. When our president, vice president, and foreign relations envoys are continuously disrespected by a communist regime in dire straits, it’s time to end negotiations until respect is shown. Fleitz is on board with a thoughtful, yet hardline approach to national security. It’s about time.

Here’s another reason why the Fleitz appointment is important: He was made for the job. The chief-of-staff and executive secretary position to the National Security Council is critically important because that appointee helps Mr. Bolton present the President with a full scope of well-argued policy options, which is something President Trump was not receiving under H.R. McMaster.

Cogent, researched national-security policy options are what the president expects from his management team — without success until now, under John Bolton’s leadership.

A president must know the risks, rewards, and resources to make the right decisions. A former CIA senior analyst of Fleitz’s pedigree is appropriate and sensible to promote our best interests.

Based on President Trump’s recent exemplary appointments like Secretary of State Pompeo and Mr. Bolton — and assuming the president and Bolton want the same for the National Security Council management — Fred Fleitz is the best choice.

His expertise, coupled with a history of bucking conventional wisdom when it is antithetical to American interests, falls in line with candidate Trump’s promise and commitment to his constituency.

What I’ve seen and heard in Fleitz is a professional who isn’t afraid of countering the swamp and the foreign policy establishment. If ever that matters, considering our interests being threatened abroad from Europe to Asia to the Middle East, it’s now.

Tom Anderson is a radio talk show host in Alaska and a former state representative.

Never Mind: The ‘Red-Green Axis’ Throws a Fit Over President Trump’s New National Security Team


For Immediate Release

May 31, 2018


Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies, Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, 610.584.1096, ext. 102, or Patrick Benner, ext. 104

Never Mind: The ‘Red-Green Axis’ Throws a Fit Over President Trump’s New National Security Team

Washington, D.C.— The discredited, radical left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Sharia-supremacist Muslim Brotherhood and their echo chamber in the leftist media are denouncing the appointment by President Trump’s new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, of a highly accomplished and widely respected national security practitioner as the National Security Council’s Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary.  The real reason for their frenzied complaints about the appointment of career intelligence professional Fred Fleitz should be obvious:  This “Red-Green axis” is unhinged by Mr. Trump and is determined to do whatever it can to prevent his success.

To be sure, these critics serve up a number of other pretexts for demanding the firing of Mr. Fleitz. The principal rationale given, though, is that he was, until last week, the Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs of the Center for Security Policy.  That fact has prompted a fresh round of recycled falsehoods aimed at discrediting the Center’s carefully documented work – particularly that exposing the Muslim Brotherhood’s far-advanced covert campaign whose explicit goal is “destroying Western civilization from within by [the infidels’] hands and the hands of the believers so that Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” Unable to rebut Center products and initiatives, groups like the Hamas-founded CAIR and the SPLC, a disreputable George Soros-funded instrument of hard-left political warfare, simply seek to suppress them and defame and silence their authors.

The Center for Security Policy is, of course, proud of its long and highly productive relationship with Fred Fleitz.  (During his time at the Center, Mr. Fleitz authored many scores of articles, published two important books – Obamabomb and The Coming North Korean Nuclear Nightmare – and co-edited several more and appeared in countless radio and television interviews.)  The Center is similarly gratified by the elevation of the rest of its friends and colleagues – including Amb. Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and numerous others – now in senior positions throughout President Trump’s national security team.

The Center is even more delighted that such allies are in positions faithfully to execute the National Security Strategy unveiled last December, which in at least 30 different aspects embraces policy initiatives recommended by this organization over its thirty years of operations. And it looks forward to working closely with the President and his team to execute that strategy.

Frank J. Gaffney, the Center’s founder and President said, “The Center’s loss with the departure of Fred Fleitz from its senior management is the nation’s great gain.  With his experience as chief of staff to then-Under Secretary of State John Bolton, as well as his decades of service in the CIA and on the House Intelligence Committee, Deputy Assistant to the President Fleitz brings extraordinarily knowledge, competency and effectiveness to his new roles as National Security Council chief of staff and executive secretary.

“Far from being concerned that terrorist fronts and their enablers are in hysterics because Donald Trump has entrusted these key roles to Fred Fleitz, the American people should be delighted with this fresh evidence that president is determined to keep his promise to make America safe, as well as great again.”


Mr. Gaffney formerly acted as an Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan. He is the host of the Center for Security Policy’s nationally syndicated talk show, “Secure Freedom Radio,” heard weeknightly on the more than 200 stations of the American Family Radio Network, on AM 570 The Answer in Washington, D.C. and via podcast services.  Click here to listen to sample programs of “Secure Freedom Radio” programs.

Mr. Gaffney also broadcasts a nationally syndicated commentary, the Secure Freedom Minute, which airs daily on nearly 400 stations, including the American Family Radio, Bott and Kingdom Keys radio networks.

View the media page for the Center here or visit the Center for Security Policy website for more information on the organization.

To interview Frank Gaffney, contact Deborah Hamilton, Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, 610.584.1096, ext. 102, or Patrick Benner, 610.584.1096, ext. 104.

John Bolton Taps Center Alumnus Fred Fleitz for Senior Position

Center for Security Policy alumnus Fred Fleitz has been named Executive Secretary and Chief of Staff of the National Security Council under John Bolton. Fleitz served as the Center’s Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs from 2013-2018

Originally posted on Bloomberg

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton began building out a team of loyalists who have supported his hard-line foreign policy views.

Bolton tapped as the NSC’s executive secretary and chief of staff Fred Fleitz, an ardent critic of the Iran nuclear accord and Bolton’s former chief of staff while an undersecretary of state in the George W. Bush administration, according to Robert Palladino, a spokesman for the National Security Council.

Fleitz, a former CIA analyst and occasional guest on Fox News, is the author of “Obamabomb: A Dangerous and Growing National Security Fraud” and “The Coming North Korea Nuclear Nightmare: What Trump Must Do to Reverse Obama’s Strategic Patience.”

Bolton also hired Sarah Tinsley to serve as deputy assistant to the president and senior director for strategic communications, Palladino said Tuesday. Garrett Marquiswas hired as special assistant to the president and a senior director for strategic communications.

Tinsley, who was director of Bolton’s super PAC, first worked for Bolton at the U.S. Agency for International Development in the 1980s and was one of his deputies when he served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration.

Marquis, a former Bush administration aide and managing partner at the Prism Strategy Group, had been serving as a Bolton spokesman outside the administration.

The new staffing comes as Bolton, who is President Donald Trump’s third national security adviser, settles into a job he took in April to replace H.R. McMaster. Bolton is in the midst of final preparations for a Trump summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un planned for Singapore next month.

Bolton is a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and State Department official under President George W. Bush. He also served in the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations.

Why the Left Hates John Bolton

Ever since Donald Trump announced – by Tweet, of course – that he was replacing his National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, with former UN Ambassador John Bolton, the Left has had a collective hissy fit. Countless hours and column inches have been devoted to relentlessly trashing one of our most accomplished foreign and defense policy practitioners.

The attacks have been both direct and indirect. The direct ones have impugned Mr. Bolton’s character, maligned his record of service and darkly warned about his future intentions. The indirect ones have, among other techniques, maligned him for those with whom he has worked over the years. I am among the latter and one such assault sheds light on why the Ambassador is so feared by his critics.

On Saturday, CNN contributor Peter Beinart laid into John Bolton at the Atlantic Magazine for having “rehabilitated” yours truly, whom he described as a “fringe conservative.” Here’s how Beinart introduced his hit piece:

In 2016, Bolton played a crucial role in Frank Gaffney’s rehabilitation inside the conservative movement. For close to two decades, Gaffney has been Washington’s most dogged peddler of anti-Muslim conspiracy theories. He’s traveled the country testifying against the construction of mosques, arguing that since Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, not a religion, American Muslims don’t deserve the protections of the First Amendment. Bolton’s intervention on his behalf is particularly intriguing because, in his own writing and remarks, he’s largely avoided anti-Muslim bigotry. But in today’s conservative movement, anti-Muslim activists are a legitimate constituency group, like people who support gun rights or oppose abortion. And Bolton has proved, in this case and others, all too willing to empower them.

As Claudia Rosett has noted, such comments are “a reflection not on Bolton, but on the uber-bias of his critics.” I can attest to such bias since I have spent over two hours walking Beinart through what he derides as “conspiracy theories” about Sharia-supremacism and its enablers in this country. In the interest of clarifying both my own views and Peter Beinart’s agenda-driven reporting, I am making the full transcripts of those conversations available for the first time here .

Time and time again, the discussions turned to my interviewer’s transparent preoccupation with challenging or otherwise discrediting the rigorous analysis of Sharia-supremacism in this country conducted by my colleagues at the Center for Security Policy and me for roughly two decades. In response, I shared with Beinart our extensive collection of books and monographs (available for free as downloads at www.SecureFreedom.org) that illuminate, among other things, the determination of the Muslim Brotherhood to use what one of its top operatives called “civilization jihad” to “destroy Western civilization from within” (as established by the federal government in the course of the country’s largest terrorism-financing trial, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation).

The Center’s “Civilization Jihad Reader Series” examines in detail how Islamists have waged this campaign over the past five decades by targeting, penetrating and subverting our nation’s civil society and governing institutions. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is an actual, well-documented and ongoing conspiracy. Thanks to its success, America’s financial sector, faith communities, courts, popular culture, academic institutions, law enforcement and other government agencies have been induced to misunderstand and make ill-advised accommodations to Sharia and its adherents.

In particular, Peter Beinart seemed determined to rebut our findings about influence operations run by individuals associated with the Muslim Brotherhood against Republicans and George W. Bush with help from anti-tax activist Grover Norquist. He professed to have read part of a compilation of the relevant facts endorsed by such eminent national security leaders as former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, former Congressman Allen West and retired Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin. Yet, Beinart has studiously ignored such evidence.

For example, in Beinart’s latest screed in The Atlantic, he recounts how I was punished by Norquist and his allies for documenting this troubling saga – without acknowledging the basis for my charges. Instead, Beinart seeks to vilify John Bolton for having done what Norquist’s defenders have manifestly not: Mr. Bolton acquainted himself with the facts, thought through their implications and selflessly and courageously worked to rectify a mistaken policy unsupported by them.

These are among the many laudable qualities of the new National Security Advisor that may be detested by the Left, but that will serve President Trump and our nation well.

National Security Threats to the U.S.

With Amb. John Bolton, Michele Rigby Assad, Gordon Chang and John Silitides

AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON, Senior Policy Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security:

  • Current threats the Trump administration faces
  • National security risks to America
  • Does national security policy have a base within the democratic party?

MICHELE RIGBY ASSAD, Former CIA Clandestine Officer, Author of Breaking Cover: My Secret Life In the CIA:

  • Undercover experience in the Middle East
  • Persecuted Christians in the MENA region

GORDON CHANG, Forbes.com Columnist, World Affairs Journal Blogger, the Daily Beast Contributor, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown; North Korea Takes on the World:”

  • How China is profiting from America’s opioid crisis
  • CPAC panel 2/23 2:00 pm
  • China’s unrestricted warfare against the U.S.

JOHN SILITIDES, Contributor at The Washington Examiner:

  • Is Turkey a reliable ally?
  • Why the U.S. must stand up for the Syrian Kurds
  • Significance of the South China Sea

Sticking it to Trumpian critics of North Korea

Originally posted on the Washington Times

President Trump’s speech to the South Korean parliament on the evil of the Kim Jong-un regime was the best so far of his presidency and has been widely described as “Reaganesque.”

I agree, but the address also resembled an important 2003 speech on the North Korean threat by John Bolton titled “A Dictatorship at the Crossroads” when he was undersecretary of State for arms control and international security. Opposition to this speech was similar to the internal opposition that Mr. Trump’s policies are facing today.

In his speech, Mr. Bolton condemned North Korea’s abysmal human rights record, calling the country a “hellish nightmare” and discussed torture by the regime, including chemical and biological warfare experiments on inmates. Mr. Bolton also gave a devastating indictment of Pyongyang for developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and ballistic missiles.

The speech enraged the North Korean government and led it to call Mr. Bolton “human scum” and bar him from multilateral talks on its nuclear program. The Washington Times ran a front-page headline story about the North’s nutty reaction to the Bolton speech and published a cartoon of Kim Jong-il as a slug standing before a giant shoe labeled “John Bolton” by the late Times cartoonist Bill Garner. Both were framed and proudly displayed in Mr. Bolton’s State Department office.

There was enormous resistance to Mr. Bolton’s North Korea speech from State Department and intelligence community careerists — now called “the swamp” — who were determined to resist the tough approach to North Korea voiced at the time by President George W. Bush and Mr. Bolton. U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Thomas Hubbard, a career Foreign Service officer, complained to Secretary of State Colin Powell that the speech had not been cleared and accused Mr. Bolton of freelancing. I know Mr. Hubbard’s complaints were false since I was Mr. Bolton’s chief of staff and worked with the author of the speech to ensure it was fully cleared within the State Department, with other government agencies and the White House.

This “swamp” resistance eventually transformed the Bush administration’s tough approach to North Korea during the first Bush term into appeasement by the second. While Mr. Bolton could give speeches about North Korea, he had no control over State Department regional bureaus like the East Asia and Pacific Affairs Bureau (EAP). As a result, EAP found ways to exclude him and other hard-liners from the policymaking process on North Korea.

By 2006, EAP and Ambassador Christopher Hill, the Bush administration’s North Korea special envoy, were working outside the interagency process to coordinate North Korea policy and to keep the few remaining Bush administration hard-liners in the dark.

This led to some horrendous decisions in the second Bush term that continue to haunt U.S. North Korea policy to this day. They included removing North Korea from a state sponsor of terror list and dropping tough banking sanctions after North Korea conducted its first nuclear test in 2006. Physical evidence was found indicating a secret uranium enrichment program and the North turned over a bogus declaration of its nuclear program.

These concessions set the stage for an even more disastrous North Korea policy by the Obama administration called “Strategic Patience,” which led to a huge surge in the North’s nuclear and missile programs.

The lesson Mr. Trump should draw from the Bolton North Korea speech and related experiences is the urgency of ensuring that his policies are fully implemented by the foreign policy bureaucracy. This is difficult because there is a strong resistance to conservative policies — not just those of the Trump administration — by the “swamp.”

Countering this resistance requires extremely good staffing of senior positions — especially political appointees — at the State Department and the National Security Council. Unfortunately, too many of these posts are vacant or staffed with individuals who oppose the president’s policies and are prepared to obstruct them.

Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon. I believe Mr. Trump will do what most businesses do every December: an end-of-the-year performance review of his presidency. Hopefully, this will lead to major personnel changes and the president reassessing the advice of outside advisers who recommended individuals for senior positions who did not work out.

Such a review is urgently needed to implement the president’s policies and to staff his administration with the personnel to do so. Otherwise, President Trump’s North Korea speech will be undermined and ignored by the “swamp” just like John Bolton’s 2003 speech was.