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National Security Threats to the U.S.

With Amb. John Bolton, Michele Rigby Assad, Gordon Chang and John Silitides

AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON, Senior Policy Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Former Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Former Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security:

  • Current threats the Trump administration faces
  • National security risks to America
  • Does national security policy have a base within the democratic party?

MICHELE RIGBY ASSAD, Former CIA Clandestine Officer, Author of Breaking Cover: My Secret Life In the CIA:

  • Undercover experience in the Middle East
  • Persecuted Christians in the MENA region

GORDON CHANG, Forbes.com Columnist, World Affairs Journal Blogger, the Daily Beast Contributor, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China” and “Nuclear Showdown; North Korea Takes on the World:”

  • How China is profiting from America’s opioid crisis
  • CPAC panel 2/23 2:00 pm
  • China’s unrestricted warfare against the U.S.

JOHN SILITIDES, Contributor at The Washington Examiner:

  • Is Turkey a reliable ally?
  • Why the U.S. must stand up for the Syrian Kurds
  • Significance of the South China Sea