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Vet to Keep Out More Sharia-supremacists

Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to protect the American people from what he called “radical Islamic terrorism” by instituting “extreme vetting” for would-be immigrants and refugees.  As president, he sought an opportunity to conduct such vetting by pausing further influxes from a number of problematic countries.

Although his initiative has been buffeted via adverse rulings by a succession of federal judges, the Supreme Court has basically upheld the president’s authority to impose such restrictions.  Now, in a National Security Presidential Memorandum unveiled yesterday, Mr. Trump established a new bureaucratic mechanism for doing this vetting.

Unfortunately, his mechanism may prove wholly inadequate in protecting the public from such foreign threats unless it adopts a sound basis for screening out jihadists.  An amicus brief we filed with the Supreme Court last year recommends the needed approach: accept no more Sharia-supremacists. We have plenty already.

Re-unite the Free World to Counter North Korea

Foreign ministers from nations that joined forces to repulse Communist invaders during the Korean War will meet today in Vancouver, Canada to address the growing threat posed to the Free World by North Korea.

China and Russia will not be present.  That’s appropriate since they are part of the problem as they prop up the regime in Pyongyang, enable its weapons build-up and have shown little interest in really being part of the solution.

Accordingly, expectations for this get-together are low. Yet, it was veto-wielding Moscow’s absence from a key United Nations Security Council vote in July 1950 that allowed the nations gathering in Canada today to come together to defend South Korea under the rubric of a UN peacekeeping operation.

If anything, it is even more imperative that the Free World unites now to deal with North Korea’s present danger.

Sen. Cruz to President Trump – Sanction, Don’t Support the Mullahs

Yesterday, on one side of the European Parliament building in Brussels, supporters of the revolution now reportedly underway in some fifty Iranian cities urged the Continent to rally to their cause.

Simultaneously, European foreign ministers met on the other side with their Iranian counterpart, discussing how to prop up the mullahs’ regime by insisting that President Trump continue waiving sanctions on it.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Senate Democrats and nominal Republican Sen. Bob Corker are working overtime with Iran’s friends in the administration and Europe to preserve the fatally flawed Obamabomb deal.

Fortunately, Sen. Ted Cruz has warned Mr. Trump correctly: “Waiving the sanctions on the ayatollah while protesters are dying in the streets would be a serious mistake. We should be doing everything humanly possible to support, to encourage those protests, to tell the Iranian people, we stand with you.”


No More Corker-Cardin Scams to Help the Ayatollahs

You have to hand it to President Trump’s insubordinate subordinates.  When they are sabotaging his policies, they go all in.

The latest example is the effort National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are making to undercut Mr. Trump’s stance in support of the freedom-seeking people of Iran – and in opposition to their dangerous, repressive government.

Messrs. McMaster and Tillerson have reportedly joined forces with Senators Bob Corker and Ben Cardin – the co-authors of 2015 legislation that sabotaged the Senate’s constitutional role in treaty-making and enabled the Obamabomb deal to becoming binding. Now, “Liddle” Bob and his co-conspirators hope to flim-flam the President into believing they’ll “fix” what he has rightly called the worst agreement ever negotiated.

Mr. President, don’t go there.  Help the Iranian opposition “fix” the regime, rather than help the regime finish getting the Bomb.

Our Button is Bigger, But North Korea’s Nukes are More Modern

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently boasted that he has a nuclear button on his desk capable of unleashing an attack on the entire United States. President Trump rhetorically saw him, and raised him, saying: “I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger and more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

The trouble is that the credibility of the U.S. nuclear arsenal is not determined by the size of its launch equipment.  Rather, it is a function of the modernity, reliability and usability of our strategic weapons – and the ships, planes and missiles fielded to deliver them.

Regrettably, as the President is about to learn from a study known as the Nuclear Posture Review, our nuclear arsenal is obsolescent. Think about it:  North Korea’s weapons – to say nothing of Russia’s and China’s –  are more modern and more recently tested than ours.

Show the Iranian People the Mullahs’ Stolen Money

The ongoing and proliferating anti-regime demonstrations in Iran reflect  the fact that many in that country, especially among its sizeable majority of young people, have had it with the mullahs.

They find particularly infuriating the fact that the so-called Supreme Leader and his cronies have become fabulously wealthy while millions of ordinary Iranians are facing severe privation.

Consequently, the Trump administration could help fan the flame of internal opposition to the mullahocracy by disseminating what it knows about the offshore bank accounts, investments, and money-laundering operations the Iranian ruling elites use to stash and enlarge their ill-gotten assets.

Incredibly, the Department of Justice is reportedly claiming that they can’t release this data.  If new statutory authority is needed, Congress should promptly provide it.  It’s time to name and shame those Iranians who threaten their own people and ours, alike.

Sharia-Supremacism’s Ticking Time-bomb

Yesterday, a Sharia-supremacist from Bangladesh tried to kill innocent Americans in a New York subway station, reportedly because he was upset about Israeli retaliation for attacks Hamas launched from Gaza. Fortunately, he did not succeed in this jihadist ambition.

But we have created conditions in which it is surely just a matter of time before others do succeed in murdering large numbers of us in the name of Sharia.  After all, as Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz has pointed out, just since 9/11 we have given permanent residency to more than 170,000 immigrants from Bangladesh.  And over 1.8 million in total from 47 Muslim-majority countries.

Fortunately, not all of these people embrace Sharia or seek to impose it on the rest of us. But it is reckless to let in more who might, and we need to counter those here who do.

Return to ‘Peace Through Strength’ or Else

The Heritage Foundation’s new Index of U.S. Military Strength describes the alarming condition of America’s armed forces.  All of the uniformed services’ ground, naval and air forces are suffering the cumulative effects of two decades of deferred modernization, a trillion dollars in budget cuts and grinding, debilitating worldwide conflict and other power projection operations.

The book’s editor, retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Dakota Wood told me yesterday that, while our military still is made up of superb men and women, they are simply not receiving the training, the spare parts and the quantities of modern equipment needed to meet today’s threats – let alone tomorrow’s.

Our enemies recognize this reality, even if most Americans do not.  If we fail to mobilize the resources, industrial capability and the will to reverse it, we invite – and will surely suffer the terrible consequences of – their aggression.

A Politicized Admiral Calls the Kettle Black

Yesterday, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff expressed concern about the “politicization” of the U.S. military. On ABC’s “This Week,” Adm. Mike Mullen criticized John Kelly, a former four-star general turned Trump White House Chief of Staff, for being “very supportive of the president no matter what….That was really a sad moment for me.”

The irony is that Adm. Mullen was himself accused of allowing his credentials as a uniformed officer to serve a highly political purpose.  In Mullen’s case, it appeared to be a matter of being “very supportive” of Secretary of State Clinton “no matter what” as he led with an equally partisan former diplomat, Amb. Thomas Pickering, a damage-control operation in the wake of the preventable, deadly Benghazi terrorist attack.

Evidently, Adm. Mullen materially helped Hillary’s cover-up, something way worse than saddening.

Twitter’s Evolution into Big Brother

The foundational, God-given liberty guaranteed to every American is freedom of speech.  Without it, there will not long be any others.

Consequently, the determined efforts of Leftists and the Islamists they enable that are aimed at silencing political opponents is an affront to the Constitution and a threat to the Republic.

This campaign has become far more dangerous thanks to the growing contribution being made to its reach by Silicon Valley’s giant social media companies. Globalist monopolies like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter increasingly amount to unregulated utilities using their power to stifle conservative individuals and organizations with whom they disagree.

Now, comes word that Twitter will begin restricting access to its services on the basis not just of monitoring what users do with them, but what they are doing off its platform, as well.

Farewell First Amendment. Welcome Big Brother.