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Dr. Andrew Bostom Briefing: “Sharia ‘Thirst’, Christian Persecution, & Islamic Antisemitism”

Dr. Andrew Bostom is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and a frequent speaker on Islam to civic groups. His videos can be seen on CSPAN, the Secure Freedom YouTube channel, The Hudson Institute, and the Heritage Foundation.  He has written The Legacy of Jihad (2005), The Legacy of Antisemitism (2008), Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism (2012), Iran’s Final Solution for Israel: The Legacy of Jihad and Shi’ite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran (2014).”  Dr. Bostom recently delivered an abbreviated version of this presentation to the Center for Security Policy.

Introductory remarks: Relevance of the 9/11 jihad carnage to my study of Islam

The 9/11 attacks were the triggering event which inspired my 18-years of study of Islam with a focus on Islam’s doctrine regarding, and resultant Muslim behavior toward, non-Muslims. A friend of mine, like me also born and raised in Queens, New York City, was a fireman and a physical therapist, and we were classmates at the physical therapy program at SUNY-Downstate during 1979-1980. I got his firsthand account of the destroyed World Trade Center charnel house.

Equally important motivation for my study of Islam was Muhammad al-Gameia.

For a millennium, Al Azhar University has represented the apogee of Islamic religious education, which evolved into the de facto Vatican of Sunni Islam. Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Al-Gameia, the Al-Azhar University representative in the U.S., and Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center and Mosque of New York City, at the time of the 9/11 attacks, provided a very concrete and disturbing example of the authoritative Al-Azhar Islamic mindset exported to America. Within three days of the 9/11 jihad carnage al-Gameia, “known for his moderate views,” sermonized in English calling for peace, healing, and love among people of all religions.”  The good Sheikh struck an entirely different chord when he was interviewed for an Al-Azhar University website, on October 4, 2001. Sheikh Gameia returned to Egypt after September 11, 2001 alleging, without any substantiation, that he was being “harassed.” Gameia’s Al-Azhar interview was rife with virulent calumnies against Americans, and threats to the U.S., along with conspiratorial Islamic antisemitism, which riveted upon his invocation of the central Koranic motifs of Jew-hatred, melded to lunatic allegations against Jews. He intoned, for example: “As President Bush said, this is a crusade against Islam and against Muslims…For this reason, I advise every Arab and every Muslim leader not to offer any aid whatsoever to the oppressing superpower [to help it] attack Muslims, because this is a betrayal of Allah and his Prophet… An American attack on Afghanistan will constitute terrorism, as the U.S. did in Iraq and in Palestine… I think that this war will be the end of America the oppressor.”… “[I]t was said that 4000 Jews did not come to work at the World Trade Center on the day of the incident.”… Muslims do not feel safe even going to the hospitals, because some Jewish doctors in one of the hospitals poisoned sick Muslim children, who then died…The Jewish element is as Allah described it when he said: “They disseminate corruption in the land.” [Koran 5:32–335:64] We know that they have always broken agreements [4:155; 5:13], unjustly murdered the prophets [Koran  2:61; 2:87; 2:91; 3:112; 4:155] and betrayed the faith [2:42; 2:75; 2:89].”

 Framing the presentation—Islam’s totalitarianism, & hatred of Christians & Jews

Abolitionist James Freeman Clarke, the first, & still arguably most outstanding American scholar of Comparative Religion, wrote in his seminal 1871, Ten Great Religions:

“Islam saw the claims of Deity [Allah], but not the rights of humanity; Saw authority, failed to see freedom; Therefore hardened into despotism.”

G.H. Bousquet, renowned 20th century French scholar of Islamic Law, referred to Islam in a 1950 essay, as a “doubly totalitarian system, “because its institution of jihad war sought “to impose itself on the whole world”—the 1st totalitarian aspect—and bring society under “Muhammadan Law”, Sharia—the 2nd totalitarian aspect.

Sharia-inspired hatred of non-Muslims, has been espoused continuously for over a millennium by Islam’s most important religious teaching institutions, and clerical authorities. This “sacralized” hatred underpins the inter-related contemporary phenomena of Christian persecution, and Muslim Antisemitism. There was a decided emphasis on the latter because it remains so thoroughly misconstrued.

Islamic State’s Al Baghdadi Stays True to Sharia Doctrine

Earlier this week, the Islamic State’s al-Furqan media arm released a video featuring their self-proclaimed caliph, Abu Bakr a-Baghdadi.

This was the first video of al-Baghdadi seen in 5 years. His whereabouts are unknown, although the Russian military claimed at one point that they had killed him.

In the video al-Baghdadi’s beard was partially dyed red, following the sunnah of Mohammed (the “perfect” example for every Muslim to follow).

Here is a brief summary of the main points of al-Baghdadi’s statement:

  • Al-Baghdadi accepted oaths of allegiance from Jihadis in the African nations of Mali and Burkina Faso. (Africa continues to be a key focus of the global jihadist insurgency.)
  • Al-Baghdadi urged Islamic State followers to step up strikes on France.
  • He praised the Easter Day attacks in Sri Lanka and claimed that those attacks were revenge for the Islamic State defeat in al-Baghuz in Syria (emphasis added).
  • He directed Islamic State followers to double their work and intensify strikes on “Crusaders and apostates.”
  • Al-Baghdadi urged Muslims to wage a war of attrition, proclaiming that jihad will continue until the Day of Judgment and that the “war on the cross” will be a “long battle.”

Perhaps what is most significant about al-Baghdadi’s video statement is what he did NOT say.

Al Baghdadi did not mention the mass shooting at the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

This is significant for two reasons:

  1. Sri Lankan leaders and the Western media immediately proclaimed the Sri Lanka church attacks to be in revenge for Christchurch. This is a prime example of non-Muslim observers groundlessly assigning motivation to Jihadi actions.
  2. The reason given for the attacks was “revenge for the Islamic State defeat in al-Baghuz in Syria. This was the last battle in the roll up of the geographic caliphate, effectively ending the Islamic State’s “sharia paradise” and finishing the dispersion of its fighters and followers.

This shows the Islamic State’s strict adherence to sharia doctrine. Their main concern was the attack on the caliphate. According to mainstream Islamic doctrine, all Muslims are supposed to strive to the establishment of the global caliphate ruled by sharia. The caliphate is a global Islamic state that is to be ruled by a single ruler known as the caliph.

The Islamic State terrorist organization had declared itself the caliphate, with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the caliph. The overwhelming majority of the world’s Muslims, including Al Qaeda, rejected the declaration.  Nevertheless, the Islamic State enjoyed a degree of support from Muslims around the world, including here in the United States.

Vanquishing them from their territory in Syria was a humiliating defeat for them and turned back the clock on the fulfillment of their dreams of a world ruled by sharia.

Diverse Coalition of Middle Eastern Women condemn FGM and Sharia and Endorse Donald Trump

An international coalition of women’s rights activists hosted a high-profile Speakers’ Forum and News Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to raise awareness about barbaric abuse of women and child brides under sharia law and to express their unwavering support for President Donald Trump, who champions their cause.

Elizabeth Yore noted that more than 513,000 women and girls across America are at risk for FGM, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Yore also said FGM is recognized by both the World Health Organization and the United Nations as a human rights violation perpetrated upon little girls and women. Over 200 million women worldwide have been subjected to this cruel and barbaric practice.

“We are bringing women from all across the country and all over the world to raise our unified voices in support of President Donald Trump,” said Rabia Kazan, best-selling author, journalist and women’s rights activist against child marriage and president of the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition. “President Obama created ISIS and encouraged sharia law throughout the Middle East, and for eight years he turned a deaf ear to our cries. Finally, there is hope for us because of President Trump. He is changing the game. He is the only one fighting for us and for our human rights.”

23 year old activist Kelly Long brought a youthful, Christian angle to the question of women’s rights in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition wants to reform the barbaric practices of child marriages, genital mutilations, honor killings and dress code restrictions by initiating a cultural and religious revolution throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They believe that only President Trump has both the will and the international stature to do that.

Magda Odendaal, Ph.D. of South Africa, a psychologist and activist against female genital mutilation brought a unique perspective to the event

The Press Club gathering featured female anti-abuse crusaders from America as well as Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Libya and Kurdistan—all countries that allow or endorse sharia law. The stellar panel of prominent women speakers, many of whom at one time risked their lives to escape from oppressive conditions in their own native countries, included:

  • Elizabeth Yore: Internationally renowned attorney and activist specializing in human rights and child welfare advocacy and head of the national EndFGMToday campaign
  • Ola Hawatmeh (Lebanese-American): Women’s rights activist against arranged marriages, fashion designer, founder of Ola Style and vice president of the MEWC
  • Adele Nazarian (Iranian-American): Writer, filmmaker, Middle East expert and human rights advocate
  • Arian Lev (Israeli): Human rights activist and best-selling author
  • Nahren Anweya (Assyrian-American): Activist for persecuted Christians
  • Marilyn Matrisciana (American): Ordained Christian minister who spent 35 years in Middle Eastern countries and co-founder of Servant Group International
  • Chiman Zebari (Kurdish-American): Author and activist against honor killings
  • Uzma Hayat (Pakistani-American): Activist, writer and Middle Eastern expert
  • Magda Odendaal, Ph.D. (African activist): Psychologist and activist against female genital mutilation
  • Mina Attaran (Iranian-American): Women’s rights activist and Middle Eastern expert
  • Soat Tebrizi, Ph.D. (Persian-American): Women’s rights activist and psychotherapist
  • Eva Hasqueal (Iraqi-American): Human rights activist and Middle East expert
    Sonya Elizabeth (Libyan-American): Women’s rights activist

“These courageous women will be telling their own personal stories,” said Kazan before the event. “Their stories are real, gripping and painful, as each one has experienced horrific abuse in some way, either in their own personal lives or in what they saw happen to their loved ones. Each one will share her testimony about women and little girls who have been subjected to forced child marriages, genital mutilation, honor killings and horrific abuse, perhaps even by fathers and brothers. You will leave better understanding the dilemma of women hopelessly trapped in the slavery and degradation that exists under sharia law, and why this has to change.”

View an EndFGMToday.com state-by-state map of those who do have anti-FGM laws and learn more about FGM at www.EndFGMToday.com or on social media at #EndFGMToday.

Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Discrimination – Oh Dear! (ODIHR)

Originally Published on The Counter Jihad Report

The Center for Security Policy and it’s allies have been giving some serious push back to threats against free speech at the this year’s Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) in Warsaw, Poland. Participants are 56 countries, which includes Europe, Central Asia and North America, as well as large and small NGO’s from the area. Why should you care? Because statements and recommendations from these conferences heavily influence political decision-making and so it is quite an influential organisation.

The following are some of the highlights starting with an OSCE official laying out their agenda. Please also see my recent post on the conference:

Center Highlights Speech Restrictions At International Conference














OSCE Participating States should focus on rights of their native-born populations and acknowledge migrant violence

The Center and its allies are participating in the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

The conference is supposed to be dedicated to a focus on Democracy & Human Rights within all of the 56 member states – official reps of each government plus a slew of Civil Society NGO reps.

OSCE commitments on rights of migrants include that “appropriate measures should be taken to betterprevent racist attacks and other manifestations of violent intolerance against migrant workers and their families.”

That is ironic, given that on 9/11, 19 “migrants” murdered 2,753 men, women and children in the attackon the Twin Towers alone.

Secure Freedom recommends that: The OSCE Ministerial Council replace the Porto “2002 OSCE CHARTER ON PREVENTINGAND COMBATING TERRORISM,” p. 9, paragraph 2 with a measure that acknowledges that today by far and away the greatest driver of what the West calls terrorism, as well as of the loss of the rights of migrants and all other citizens as well, is Sharia.

Secure Freedom also recommends that Participating States focus on the rights of OSCE-region native-born populations, rather than facilitating mass migratory movements and focusing on the rights of migrants who are disproportionately convicted of terrorist crimes in America, and/or jihadis, who kill an ever-more- wildly disproportionate share of Europeans.

180918 Submitted Secure Freedom Intervention for OSCE HDIM 2018 Working Session 13 on Rights of Migrants[1]

Pushing Back Against ODIHR’s Attempt to Censor Anti-Sharia Speech

The Center and its allies are participating in the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) Human Dimension Implementation Meeting (HDIM) 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

The conference is supposed to be dedicated to a focus on Democracy & Human Rights within all of the 56 member states – official reps of each government plus a slew of Civil Society NGO reps.

Last year at this meeting, the moderator first reminded and then required virtually every individual who spoke against Sharia’s threat to Fundamental Freedoms to practice tolerance and non-discrimination toward this most intolerant and discriminatory of all legal systems.

Going further, before a July meeting, ODIHR without consensus created a new power: The moderator could “interrupt any speech” that “attacks” anyone.

This time the U.S. delegation stepped up, saying that: you can’t simply insert new rules outside the consensus process, this rule violates guidelines about civil society participation, and civil society doesn’t have to follow Participating States’ commitments – because they’re not Participating States.

180917 Submitted OSCE ODIHR HDIM Intervention Working Session 10 Fundamental Freedoms I[1]

“We need to fight Sharia supremacism”

On OAN’s “Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler,” the Center’s Executive VP Christopher Hull highlighted the problem of President George W. Bush proclaiming that “Islam is peace” in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and he spoke about the higher global death toll from terrorism in 2014 compared to 2001, noting that he believes the surge has decreased under Trump due to the president’s firm stance against Islamic terrorism.